Show Notes

That first year in an agent’s career is full of challenges. And in times when the housing market is facing inventory shortages and high demand, it may feel even harder to excel if you don’t have the right system in place. The Keri Shull Team’s Client Success Agent Elisa Stephano may be known to many as a TikTok star, a few of her videos having tallied millions of views, but her speciality lies in creating value for clients. It’s not even the halfway mark of 2022, yet she’s already set to beat a miraculous first year of over $26 million in volume.

Join Elisa Stephano and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Why surrounding yourself with talented agents helps you grow

∙ How to find listings when supply is low

∙ Using the Circle of Truth method to set buyer expectations

∙ The benefits of being part of a mini team

...and much more!


💬 “A home changes everything, and the way you feel in a home has a direct impact on your personality and who you are.” — Elisa Stephano

💬 “I love it because it's like you're always, you know, having somebody to bounce ideas off of or get advice from, especially if you're not familiar with the industry.” — Elisa Stephano on being part of a team vs operating solo

💬 “There are four categories in the Circle of Truth. It’s price point, location, home type, and home features. And those are the things that you can control when you're searching for a home.” — Elisa Stephano

💬 “Time management is one of the most important things there is to being successful.” — Elisa Stephano


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