Show Notes

Justin Watson was a Navy recruiter for three years before going to college. While he majored in English and worked many different jobs on the side, he also obtained his real estate license. He didn’t do anything in real estate for a few years, but when the remodeling company he worked for went out of business, it forced him to go into real estate full time. While he was a solo agent for five years he and his wife started their own team in 2021. They have since grown to a team of 9 and recently made a decision to ditch the brick and mortar team model and move over to EXP Realty. As Justin discussed, they already generate their own leads online and build their database in the cloud. He said being successful in this arena is all about the mindset, staying disciplined, and continuously building relationships.

Join Justin Wilson and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Mindset, training, discipline, and lead generation

∙ Why most of his best leads come from Zillow and how he and his team follow up with them

∙ Why the foundation of real estate is relationships and how to build those bridges in the community

∙ Why Justin and his team are ditching the brick and mortar brokerage model and moving over to EXP


💬 “We're gonna be weaning out a lot of those agents and people are gonna go back to the people that have the agents that have those sales skills.” - Justin Watson

💬 “One thing I did teach them was that, when you attempt to call the Zillow lead, if they don't answer … you don't leave a voice message.” - Justin Watson

💬 “You're living the lifestyle that you built like a roughly about a year ago.” - Justin Watson

💬 “People are more control of so many things in their own lives nowadays. So it's not like it's like you don't have to go to a broker.” - Justin Watson