Show Notes

Matt Fullerton returns to the HyperFast Agent podcast to give his advice on what agents and others in the real estate field should be doing now that the market has come down from historic highs and returned to a more normal market. Matt did 100 deals in 2022 as an investor, flipper, rehabber and wholesaler. He encourages every investor out there, including those in real estate, to diversify. Different markets present different opportunities. He also advises agents and investors to always be prospecting and consistently be following up with leads. In addition, you’ve got to have sales skills. He is spending a lot of his time right now training members of his team at eXp realty in the areas of sales, prospecting, and how to work the leads.

Join Matt Fullerton and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ How diversifying your investments will help you find opportunities in any kind of market

∙ Why it is important to always be prospecting and following up with leads

∙ How you can use your time to improve your sales skills and learn how to better work your leads

∙ Why you should invest time in education, books, podcasts – always be learning!


💬 “I'm just putting some lipstick on and putting them back on the market.” - Matt Fullerton

💬 “It's not McDonald's, man, you got to have skills.”  - Matt Fullerton

💬 “Lenders I work with they have rates in the fives now.” - Matt Fullerton

💬 “We're just seeing a little bit of a downturn in the market because rates were raised or some inflation going on those types of things” - Matt Fullerton

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