Show Notes

What if you could do 125 deals a year by doing what you love most about real estate?

South Florida real estate agent Amit Bhuta’s team expects to end the year with about 125 deals done. 95% of their business is attracted through content marketing work that they love: social media, blogs, videos, etc. 

Join Amit Bhuta and host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

‣ How Amit turned the tables from cold-calling prospects to having warm leads call him

‣ Why likes and shares are “vanity metrics” for content—and what you should be thinking about instead

‣ Why Amit’s most popular social media platform is NOT his most effective one

…and more!


💬 “Never look at the vanity metrics: the likes, the shares and all that. Just think about the content. Would you watch it?” — Amit on measuring content marketing success

💬 “I’d share my journey with the world. I would say ‘I’m brand new at this, I’m hoping some of you are going to follow my journey, and you’re going to help me create the journey.” — On the first thing Amit would do differently if he had to start over


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