Show Notes

During Episode 120 of the HyperFast Agent Podcast, host Dan Lesniak shares tips and life advice that will help you grow hyper-fast. He will encourage you to wake up early, make time for your relationships, find a good work environment, and to believe in what you can achieve.

Episode Highlights: 

  • Get up early and knock out two or three hard tasks immediately.
  • For Dan, that's a mix of getting up, getting his mind right, taking on two or three big work tasks, and working out.
  • If Dan can get those things done before 8am, he’s already had a successful day and he knows he can get even more done.
  • Dan and Keri recently enjoyed a World Series game together.
  • Make time for your relationship, just as you would for other important things in your life.
  • Your relationship will not improve if you don’t work on it.
  • Dedicate a space for your work. 
  • Your physical environment matters. Work in an environment that will help you be productive and happy. 
  • They started the podcast less than a year ago and it's amazing to see what it has become.
  • Dan didn’t think the podcast would build this fast.
  • Don’t put limits on yourself.
  • People get so intimidated by other people operating at such a high level. You can get there.
  • The first time they shot a podcast the circumstances weren't ideal, but they just did it.
  • They got better at it, and more comfortable with it, and now they're shooting in a dedicated podcast room.

3 Key Points:

1.   Wake up early and knock out hard tasks first.

2.   Make time for improving your relationship.

3.   Don’t put limits on your success. It’s amazing what you can achieve.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “One of the keys to success is to get up early and take on the biggest two or three tasks of the day.” – Dan Lesniak
  • “You need to treat your relationship the same way you do your physical fitness, your business, your finances. You've got to work on it.” – Dan Lesniak
  • “Get in an environment that can get you comfortable, elevate your state, elevate your vibration level, and put you in the routine to work efficiently, productively, and happily." – Dan Lesniak
  • “Don't put limits on yourself. Don't think that anything is not possible or out of reach.” – Dan Lesniak
  • “Having huge success, especially in real estate, is not something that takes decades. It just takes believing in yourself and putting in the work.” – Dan Lesniak

Resources Mentioned:

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