Show Notes

Marcin Drozdz started in private equity 16 years ago, right out of college. A few years later, he went out on his own and learned quickly there was a lot he did not know. He slogged through the experience and learned the business of real estate, rising to a level where he has been able to put together large deals of 300 to 400 units – raising upwards of tens of millions of dollars at a time. He doesn’t just take the journey on his own, but keeps his investors engaged throughout the process. A couple years ago, Marcin also moved into the coaching space, teaching people how to structure their own deals and raise capital. 

Join Marcin Drozdz and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ The business of real estate

∙ Engaging an investor audience through blogs, newsletters, videos, and other types of communication 

∙ The current state of the market, including why people are moving to the South & Southeastern USA

∙ Utilizing video in showing properties to investors and how virtual reality may play a role in the future


💬 “Initially, I fell flat on my face, because I didn't understand the complexity of all the support systems…” – Marcin Drozdz

💬 “Really, you're in business, real estate is just the thing that you put on top.” — Marcin Drozdz

💬 “You got to dig your well before you're thirsty … bring your potential investors along for the ride, as you're educating yourself.” — Marcin Drozdz

💬 “...think about building out a knowledge platform for yourself. So you guys have this great podcast. Some people like to write blogs, some people post a lot of information on Facebook; picking a medium that is helpful that you're good at is a great starting point where your potential investors are.” — Marcin Drozdz


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