Show Notes

Check out this exclusive footage from the year’s premier real estate event, our annual Growth Summit! This episode features Jeff Pfitzer, a top BombBomb Video Influencer, Mortgage Leader, Social Coach, and Host of Lab Coat Agents Podcast, presenting on the power of video to increase your brand awareness and credibility. You’ll discover valuable tips and tools you can use to make engaging digital content. 

Join Jeff Pfitzer and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ How video helps develop parasocial relationships

∙ Why a phone, free editing software, natural light, and a tripod are all you need to make great videos 

∙ How to make videos more efficiently through strategies like scripting

∙ Examples of intriguing video hooks

...and much more!


💬 “If you want to create differentiation and separation, video is the way to go.” — Jeff Pfitzer

💬 “The future of tech…is through social media.” — Jeff Pfitzer

💬 “Always lead with a hook.” — Jeff Pfitzer

💬 “Viewers retain so much more through video than they do when reading.” — Jeff Pfitzer


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