Show Notes

After a shocking layoff, Dustin Heiner vowed to reach financial independence for his family’s sake—so no one could ever endanger his ability to feed his family ever again.

Today, Dustin owns over 30 investment properties. He’s able to travel the world with complete financial independence for himself and his family. 

Join Dustin Heiner and host Dan Lesniak for an inspiring look at how Dustin started out working “just over broke” and ultimately escaped the 9-to-5 forever at age 37. 

Topics discussed include:

∙ The reality of why no employer will ever pay you your full value

∙ How Dustin got started in real estate investing

∙ Dustin’s story of how it felt to walk back to his car after being laid off… 

∙ …then how it felt to reach financial independence and quit


💬 “Your value is so much more than anybody can ever pay you.” — Dustin Heiner

💬 “Your boss is only paying you enough to keep you working without quitting.” — Dustin Heiner


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