Show Notes

In this episode of our HyperFast Mortgage blitz, Dustin Brown joins host Dan Lesniak to talk about the 2021 increase to FHA (Federal Housing Administration) Loan limits in 2021. This is a real boost for home buyers in expensive housing markets like Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia!

If you want a lower down payment, or if you’ve got less-than-perfect credit, this might be the loan for you. That’s especially true if your desired price points were just out of reach in 2020. It’s time to meet with a lender and run the numbers again!

Listen as Dustin and Dan discuss:

∙ Who stands to benefit the most from increased FHA Loan limits in 2021

∙ Things to consider before choosing an FHA Loan, and how to mitigate potential drawbacks

∙ What the increased FHA Loan limits mean for home buyers in DC, Maryland, and Virginia

If you’re thinking about buying a home in the DC-Maryland-Virginia area, make sure you learn about all of your loan options so you can choose the option that fits your situation best!

Go to to learn more about FHA loans – and learn all your options for buying a home in the DC Metro area!