Show Notes

In this episode, host Dan Lesniak gives a forthright assessment about why less than one percent of real estate agents are able to find alternative sources of income outside of selling homes as an agent. The main way people get there is a long journey. It takes a large investment to be able to get to a point where you can make $10,000 or more a month in income through real estate investments such as long-term or short-term rentals, or even multifamily investments. Most agents don’t have that kind of cash available and it takes them many years to get there. Some turn towards managing the properties themselves, which takes time away from their sales business. Others attempt to pool  their money together with other investors, but that just reduces their share of the profits. Dan Lesniak has tried all of these, but he has found the best solution for agents and he explores those options in this episode. Tune in to learn more!

Join Host Dan Lesniak as he discusses…

∙ Why less than one percent of real estate agents are able to find income outside of selling homes

∙ Why it takes agents seven years minimum of selling homes to acquire enough capital to make real estate investments worth doing

∙ How doing real estate investing in any of the traditional ways takes time away from your sales business

∙ Why the fastest and best alternative source of income is through the revenue sharing program at EXP Realty


💬 “How long would it take you to generate 7 million  in net income through real estate sales?” - Dan Lesniak

💬 “If you're pooling investors together, they're getting the lion's share of the profit, you're kind of just making a little bit on the margins.” - Dan Lesniak

💬 “If you do the math, it’s a long, long, long time to get there.” - Dan Lesniak

💬 “I've done the long-term rental, short-term rental. I've syndicated deals” - Dan Lesniak

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