Show Notes

Maria Quattrone owns a  a REMAX franchise in Philadelphia and is also the owner of Motto Mortgage: Expert Solutions, which she just launched this year. She is also in the process of doing a book collaboration called Fearless Female Leaders: The Untold Story Revealed. 

Join Maria Quattrone and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Home ownership versus renting

∙ The current levels of housing inventory and what it means for the market

∙ How interest rates going up will push some out of the market but invite others in

∙ Why more agents should consider working with investors – and learning how


💬 “Marry the house and date the rate. Get the house and then when rates do adjust downward, refi.” – Maria Quattrone

💬 “Without homeownership, it's very difficult to build wealth. Most people's wealth is in their home and if they didn't have a home and they had rent, they would have their salary.” — Maria Quattrone

💬 “You always have to find the silver lining in any market. I think the market changing is a good thing for the industry. We can't just keep going up, up, up, in pricing. It will allow some buyers to be able to buy houses who have been looking to buy homes.” — Maria Quattrone

💬 “If you are a renter, and you don't own a home, you're paying 100% interest. So it doesn't really matter what the interest rates are, as long as you can figure out what the payment is, and you can afford the payment.” — Maria Quattrone


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