Show Notes

Pat Hiban has sold over 7,000 homes and is the NYT Bestselling author of, “Six Steps to Seven Figures”, the co-founder of GoBundance, host of Real Estate Rockstars podcast and has interviewed over 750 of the best real estate agents and coaches from all over the world. Pat is also the founder of Rebus University, with over a dozen courses and hundreds of students who are learning to improve their real estate game.

Show Notes:

  • Pat is an agent, investor, and real estate guy
  • He sold real estate for 20-30 years, and then sold his team to his top agent who still runs it today
  • At least 75% of Pat’s wealth is in real estate investment
  • The last ten years in real estate have been an upward trend, the question is what will the next ten years do
  • Real estate investors were few and far between decades ago
  • New entrepreneurs get too focused on learning vs. doing
  • Go earn commissions, save cash from commissions and buy your property
  • To learn the fastest, you have to do things yourself
  • Pat made goals in smaller increments to get where he is today
  • What GoBundance is all about
  • About Rebus University, who it helps and what it offers
  • Check out for an all you can eat buffet of training

3 Key Points:

  1. Learning is important, but it’s better to go out and do something.
  2. Continue making, and attaining, goals in small increments.
  3. Fire, Ready, Aim – take action and then figure out the rest.

Resources Mentioned: