Show Notes

We’re starting to see some big changes unfold in the first-time home buyer market. 📊

In HyperFast Mortgage Blitz episode #4, Dustin Brown joins host Dan Lesniak to discuss the trends that we’re seeing now – and the population data that offers us clues about where the market’s going next.

In this episode Dan and Dustin discuss:

∙ What the average age of first-time home buyers is telling us

∙ Where the market is going next, and where interest rates might be going next

∙ The numbers that should be reassuring for first-time home buyers

∙ Why now is a great time to begin searching for a home

Tune in to hear what all this means for both first-time home buyers and their real estate agents!


💬 “If you’re a buyer, get in before everybody else!” – Dustin Brown

💬 “There’s just not much room for rates to go any lower…” – Dan Lesniak

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