Show Notes

Sunil Chillar started his career in finance. After a meeting with Tony Robbins 21 years ago, he was motivated to transition to real estate. Two years ago, he got into the multifamily space which he calls “flipping on steroids.” Sunil enjoys getting out of his comfort zone, something he has done throughout his life and career. He has built relationships with brokers all over the country and has hired a demographer to learn more about how to invest his resources. In this episode he also offers guidance on how to still find deals in today’s market. 

Join Sunil Chillar and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Multifamily property investments 

∙ Getting out of your comfort zone 

∙ Creating relationships with brokers

∙ The hot markets to invest in across the country 


💬 “I’m blessed where I have brokers throughout the country calling me right now, because I've built relationships with them.” — Sunil Chillar

💬 “One thing about me is I always like to live outside of my comfort zone. So I like pushing myself number one being uncomfortable, and pushing others who are also around me to be uncomfortable and to spread their wings themselves, just for us to grow and grow as a team..” — Sunil Chillar

💬 “You need to have the mindset that you could do it when you know when things get tough. You're not going to cut and run. So it's a mindset game at the end of the day..” — Sunil Chillar

💬 “Have a mentor. Have someone who could guide you. That is so important in this game. There are so many financial landmines that you could step in. You want to avoid them. One or two body shots will take you out. ” — Sunnil Chillar


Sunil Chillar can be contacted on his cell phone at: (201) 954-0292.