Show Notes

During Episode 106 of the HyperFast Agent Podcast, Ryan Serhant, New York Billion Dollar Real Estate Broker, Author, and television personality delivers an incredible keynote speech at the HyperFast Sales Summit on the power of thinking like a salesperson and creating a resolution for the next decade.

Episode Highlights:

  • 10 years ago, Ryan Serhant was a hand model, trying to survive in New York City.
  • Ryan was born in Texas, and moved 8 times before he hit 4th grade.
  • Ryan discovered theater was the only thing he was good at, despite being forced to try numerous different classes and sports by his parents.
  • Ryan enjoyed performing in the theater because it gave him the opportunity to be someone else. He didn’t like who he really was, so the ability to put on the costume of another person, was really appealing.
  • Ryan details his early days of living on his own in New York City.
  • Ryan’s dad taught him the foundation of hustle; to work harder than anyone else, no matter what it is.
  • Ryan’s friend introduced him to real estate by comparing it to theater.
  • He got his real estate license the day the Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. His first year in real estate was trial-by-fire.
  • His first clients were people he met on the street and local businesses.
  • Ryan emphasizes forgetting about your new year resolution, focus on your decade resolution.
  • Find your wall. Write it down and remember it every single morning.
  • Ryan’s wall was not being able to afford food at a local grocery store. He left the store embarrassed and crying, and has vowed to never be in that situation again.
  • Ryan recounts his first sale, and the life-long lessons learned from that transaction.
  • In New York City, negotiations between agents typically happen through text, or verbally over the phone. Agents then hand off the legal negotiations to the lawyers representing each side.
  • Ryan learned so much that impacted his career, while waiting months for his first sale transaction to close.
  • Ryan created his 3 F’s: Follow-up, follow-through, and follow-back.
  • Follow-up is actually following up on what you tell people you’re going to do.
  • Follow-through is actually doing the things you said you’re going to do.
  • The only one who’s stopping you from being more successful, is you.
  • Follow-back is going back and re-engaging with all the people you’ve met in your life.
  • Once the Million Dollar Listing aired, Ryan figured his phone would be ringing off the hook from clients looking to list or buy with him. It didn’t. However, he did get a big response from other real estate agents.
  • He uses discipline, hustle, and the 3 F’s, to leverage time and create success.
  • Being a realtor, or being in real estate, your job is meeting new people.
  • Look at your business over the past year, and look at where those people came from. Return to that source, and meet more people.
  • Don’t look a year ahead. Look a decade ahead. Write down your plan for the next 10 years, by focusing on the decisions you’re going to make.

3 Key Points:

  1. Find your wall. Write it down, remember it, and allow it to motivate you.
  2. Utilize the 3 F’s to create success; follow-up, follow-through, and follow-back.
  3. Don’t look a year ahead. Look a decade ahead. Write down your plan for the next 10 years, by focusing on the decisions you’re going to make.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “I’d rather regret the things I did, than the things I never tried. I live and breathe by that” – Ryan Serhant
  • “If I got a survival job, if I got a job just to pay the bills, I’d be doing that for the rest of my life, because it would become comfortable.” - Ryan Serhant
  • “It took me a decade to get here…. So not, what are we going to do next year? What are we going to do in the next decade?” - Ryan Serhant
  • “Find your wall. Write it down, and remember it every single morning.” - Ryan Serhant
  • “The only one who’s stopping you from being more successful…. is yourself.” - Ryan Serhant
  • “It’s just the discipline of doing the work, and doing the follow-up, every single day.” - Ryan Serhant

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