Show Notes

Beau Blankenship is a former NFL player turned property developer. He is a team leader and brokerage owner located in the 30A area of the Florida panhandle, where he and his team of about 100 people mostly service buyers who are in the second home luxury market. His experience as an athlete helps him get through any kind of adversity, including learning how to pivot as the market changes. For him, it’s all about always training to do what the job demands.

Join Beau Blankenship and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ How market prices have (or have not) been affected by the slowdown in the market

∙ The secondary luxury home market in the 30A area of the Florida panhandle 

∙ Why agents should watch what is pending in the market and focus on what’s moving

∙ Focusing on the style that suits you best, practice and perfect it, and double down on it


💬 “I really don't think prices are going to dip. I think we're gonna see a pullback and transactions. But I don't see this $10 million home becoming a 7.” - Beau Blankenship

💬 “If you want it, do it, because I don't think that you're gonna get a better deal by waiting.” - Beau Blankenship

💬 “We're not seeing a ton of ton of expires hit the market. Again, my markets are so different, that the ones that expire, they knew they needed to reduce and have an adjustment, but they don't care.” - Beau Blankenship

💬 “Obviously I don't I don't love adversity, but like when you get cut from playing for a team or when you lose a starting spot or you want to get faster, you have to train to do this. It's just implementing what you need to do to be successful.” - Beau Blankenship

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