Show Notes

Geoffrey Whiteside is from Columbus, Ohio and is an alum of the U.S. Naval Academy, where real estate degrees are not offered. However, it was while he was serving in the Navy and stationed in Norfolk, Virginia, that he first got into real estate investing. He started with house hacking. He bought a home, rented out rooms to roommates, and actually made money living off his property. After returning home from an 8-month deployment, he had earned a sizable income through house hacking. That sparked his interest to continue in real estate investing. After his first full year in real estate, he closed 43 deals and had over $15 million in volume. To continue leveling up, he invested in himself, reading books, taking online courses, and finding a mentor. He also partners up with other agents to expand his investments and continues to set his goals even higher.

Join Geoffrey Whiteside and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ How house hacking was Geoffrey’s entry point into real estate investing 

∙ Ways to expand your brand through social media and your spheres of influence

∙ Why finding other agents to partner with can be a great way to expand your investments 

∙ How you can find resources to invest in your own education and mentorship to level up


💬 “It came at a time where I realized I was making more from real estate investing than I was in the Navy” - Geoffrey Whiteside

💬 “It was kind of like that red light green light thing, like you shouldn't make a hire unless you absolutely have to” - Geoffrey Whiteside

💬 “A lot of people start by being a realtor and then get into investing, I kind of was established as an investor and decided to be become a realtor” - Geoffrey Whiteside

💬 “You don't necessarily have to be the expert, you can just be providing the money” - Geoffrey Whiteside

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