Show Notes

Nicole Stanbra made the transition from the U.S. Army to sales to real estate and is now on her way to selling $55 million in volume annually. She first got her real estate license six years ago, while on maternity leave. She and her husband had already been buying and selling home for a few years and getting her license was a step they took so they no longer had to hire a realtor. In the process, she became one. With a flexible work schedule, she did real estate on the side and invested in coaching programs to quickly scale up. By year two, she was already earning as much income as her previous job, which she left to start her own real estate business. Today, she is now heavily invested in the luxury real estate market in South Florida.

Join Nicole Stanbra and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Why hiring mentors, coaches, and trainers help you learn from those in the business 

∙ How using Zillow to advertise helped build her pipeline 

∙ How to effectively use social media and why women in real estate should take precautions 

∙ Why real estate agents who started during COVID need to go back to the basics to sharpen their skills


💬 “My superpower is that I implement immediately” - Nicole Stanbra

💬 “I took the leap and I spent $500 a month on Zillow, and I was like, ‘oh my god, this is so much money’” - Nicole Stanbra

💬 “For me, it's just like, no is not an option, and just figure it out and come up with the solution. And if there's an obstacle, there's got to be a way to overcome it.” - Nicole Stanbra

💬 “I think for women … as real estate agents, we are public figures, right? Like at least the ones who have a social profile and are actively engaged on digital marketing. So pictures are everywhere, videos are everywhere.” - Nicole Stanbra

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