Show Notes

Cody Sperber – aka the “Clever Investor” – is a US Navy Veteran turned professional real estate investor who has taught thousands of students how to wholesale. 

Join host Dan Lesniak as he and Cody Sperber discuss:

‣ The micro content strategy that brought Cody massive social media results

‣ How Cody went from being awkward on video to getting it down smoothly

‣ How Cody overcame his doubts (and his family’s doubts) and broke through in real estate with a little help from ‘Real Estate Yoda’

And more!


💬 “Between us, I was so bad on video… But it was such an important part of the process.” – Cody Sperber on getting started with video content

💬 “You can be the technician and control everything, or you can elevate up to manager and then eventually to true entrepreneur by creating systems.” – Cody Sperber on creating systems, delegating, and scaling a real estate business


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