Show Notes

Listing leads are hard to get right now – we’re hearing that from agents everywhere.

In this episode of the HyperFast Agent Podcast, host Dan Lesniak interviews Listings Lab founder Jess Lenouvel. Jess will teach the method you can use to attract a steady stream of  listing leads… so you can actually connect all of your buyer leads with homes. 

Jess believes that “Hustle and grind” is a myth, and that real estate agents can succeed through a consistent and completely reasonable marketing plan.

Get ready to look at your marketing efforts in a new way - and get ready to make some changes that will both bring you more listings AND make your life easier!


‣ Why your “I’m #1” messaging is falling flat with listing prospects – and what to post instead

‣ How to get referrals from people who’ve never even worked with you

‣ Lead-generating content: The 3 buckets you need (Authority, Personal, & Social Proof)

‣ How to be the “Approachable real estate celebrity” in your market

‣ Why raw, low-cost, video content might actually perform better than slick video ads


💬 “Way too many agents believe that they have to hustle and grind and suffer in order to be successful.” – 

💬 “Become a marketer.” – Jess Lenouvel’s advice to new real estate agents

💬 “Personal content is actually one of the big missing pieces for most agents.” – Jess Lenouvel on the 3 elements you need in your real estate marketing mix

💬 “The more raw the video is, the more authentic it actually feels.” – Jess Lenouvel on why you shouldn’t over-produce your social media content

💬 “I think it’s actually a good thing, but we’re being forced to create value in 15 seconds.” – Jess Lenouvel on the rise of short-form video content


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