Show Notes

Mark Podolsky has done over 6,000 land investing deals, and now owns a fully-scaled company called Frontier Equity Properties. Frontier Equity Properties is mostly automated, and requires 30 minutes of Mark’s time per week.

In this episode you’ll learn the exact process Mark uses to find raw land that the owner doesn’t value, makes offers on it that have what Warren Buffet would call a “300% margin of safety,” and outsources ~90% of the process.

You’ll also learn…

‣ How a newcomer can get started in land investing

‣ How Mark schedules his week now that he has complete freedom of time

‣ How Mark went from being a self-proclaimed “Control freak” to letting go, building a team… and taking life on his own terms.


💬 “Find somebody that’s as successful as you want to be. Watch what they do, and do what they do.” –  Mark Podolsky’s advice to new investors

💬 “Make sure that you have people in your life that keep you grounded and humble, and avoid overconfidence on deals.” – Mark Podolsky on advice to experienced investors