Show Notes

Brandon Thornhill is a former Navy SEAL who was on track to collect a military pension. But through work ethic, passion, and grit he was able to generate the kind of residual income in 2.5 years that would’ve taken him 20 years to generate in his job.

Join Brandon Thornhill and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ How Brandon was able to 4X his full-time military income through part-time entrepreneurship and go full-time with his business in about 2 years

∙ The surprising obstacles Brandon faced when he started running his own business full-time—and what it took to overcome them

∙ How Brandon generated residual income in 2.5 years that would’ve taken him 20 years to generate in his job

∙ How to deal with ups and downs… and think like a victor instead of a victim

...and much more!


💬 “You’re either investing your time or you’re spending your time.” — Brandon Thornhill

💬 “Money’s not everything, but it does give you choices.” — Brandon Thornhill

💬 “I had to become the person that deserves the level of success that I want in my life.” — Brandon Thornhill

💬 “A lot of people toe dip, a lot of people make excuses as to the things that they can’t do based off of their current situation. I just made sacrifices… And I started focusing on building my skills.” — Brandon Thornhill

💬 “I knew that if I wanted to become more valuable to the marketplace and get paid more, then my skills needed to be right there with it.” — Brandon Thornhill

💬 “Don’t take the opinions of people unless they have the results that you’re looking for. A lot of the people that were giving me their opinions, they didn’t have the results that I wanted as far as lifestyle and financial freedom.” — Brandon Thornhill


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