Show Notes

At the young age of 23, Josh Ordonez has become a social media expert. He has worked for well-known companies, such as Big Baller Brand and Empathy Wines, and now runs his own marketing agency.

Join Josh Ordonez and host Dan Lesniak as they discuss how to get your career started in social media, as well as networking strategies for real estate agents looking to generate a following.

Hear what Dan and Josh have to say on the following topics:

•  How to monetize your content

•  What’s trending on different platforms 

•  The importance of information based posts

•  Strategies for improving your content’s reach

If you want to make a bigger impact on social media, then listen in to learn how to increase your followers as well as generate profit from your social media activity.

Quotes to Share

💬 If these platforms are incentivizing users to continue making content on these platforms, there's something to be said about that...I only see this as the beginning—this is only going to grow even more.  – Josh Ordonez

💬 I mean, it really is about being selfless, right? Like, it really comes down to making the content for [your audience] and not making it for yourself. – Josh Ordonez

💬 Don't worry about the specific platform. Worry about what the platforms are pushing, which is vertical, fullscreen, short-form content. – Josh Ordonez

💬 Go on Tick Tock about once a week and see what trends are trending on the search tab...see if there's anything within your niche that you can make content around in that hashtag. – Josh Ordonez

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