Show Notes

Chris Mercer started out building websites for companies via WordPress, however, that business quickly evolved into full-scale analytics. His Measurement Marketing business provides insight on user activity to reach better solutions for his clients’ marketing strategies. The result is giving purpose to digital marketing. 

Listen to Dan and Mercer’s conversation on the following topics:

•  Measuring the digital conversation

•  Building websites with purpose

•  What works to close leads

•  Predictive analytics for real estate

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to optimize your lead generation and start seeing results from your real estate analytics!

Quotes to Share

💬 Not only do you know what the results of a particular traffic source are, but you know how it's getting those results.

– Chris Mercer

💬 It tells you where to put your resources.  

– Chris Mercer

💬 The beauty of Google Analytics is that it can see all the traffic sources. 

– Chris Mercer

💬 Plan, build, and then you act. Planning is the thing that everybody skips.

– Chris Mercer

Resources Mentioned

Chris Mercer’s Website: