Show Notes

Want to create a social media strategy that works? This episode is for you. Keri Shull and Dan Lesniak, real estate developers, best selling authors, billion dollar agents, and million dollar agent makers, get one-on-one with Gary Vaynerchuk, Chairman of VaynerX and CEO of VaynerMedia. They delve into how to use social media, why localized content is king, and how partnerships can put you one step ahead.

Show Notes:

  • Guest: Gary Vaynerchuk, Marketing mastermind
  • How one conversation with Gary Vaynerchuk changed the direction of Hyperfast Agent
  • Targeting people through Facebook and Instagram is critical
  • Why you need to focus on quality content on social media
  • Social Media is a dynamic source of feedback
  • How Gary reconciles every interaction being recorded and on the record
  • Why context and relevant content makes a difference
  • Critical actions for your social media accounts to sell more
  • Localized content and what Gary thinks about it
  • How to start a new venture and create a national platform
  • Gary’s advice about free content and why you should create it
  • Why real estate agents need to act like the Mayor of their towns
  • How Gary instills hustle in his children
  • Why partnerships can work better than outsourcing

3 Key Points:

  1. Focusing on creating quality content is key to having a successful social media strategy.
  2. Embrace Personal Branding and create Social media content everywhere.
  3. Localized content is king when it comes to creating a successful social media marketing strategy.

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