Show Notes

Michelle Cantrell is a past team leader, realtor and broker at Murney Associates, and the founder of The Michelle Cantrell Group. Michelle enthusiastically shares her 25+ years of real estate experience, her strategies for lead generation and business growth, as well as tips on how she managed to go from 0 to 350 transactions in three years. Get the hyperfast fuel to energize your real estate business with Michelle Cantrell’s advice on hiring, and also the work behavior patterns to avoid.

Show Notes:

  • Michelle was specializing in new construction, until the 2008 recession hit
  • As a team leader at Keller Williams Realty, she grew the team to achieve second place for market share
  • Typical patterns that stop businesses from growing
  • Should you hire, or not?
  • Expectations Michelle sets for her agents
  • Why Michelle allows agents to self-discover their readiness to become a buyer agent
  • Consistency with prospecting, and connection with your inner circle are crucial
  • Michelle’s production team consists of eight people
  • What makes Michelle love her real estate career so much
  • Balancing motherhood while running a business
  • Two things that are important as a business owner – Be purposeful about your calendar and be clear about your priorities
  • Secret advice for generating leads and building business quickly
  • Why making a list could be the best thing for your business

3 Key Points:

  1. Be purposeful and consistent with your follow-ups.
  2. If someone isn’t making you money in 90 days…it is the wrong hire.
  3. The Michelle Cantrell Group expects their agents to close three transactions a month.

Resources Mentioned: