Show Notes

Matt O’Neill is a real estate agent, team leader, and founder of Matt O’Neill Real Estate, which the Wall Street journal has ranked as the #1 high end real estate team in the state of South Carolina, with over $600 million in Charleston real estate sold. This episode will add value to the way that you and your team handle leads, the way you interact with buyers, and even grab some bonus advice that Matt has learned from super real estate agent, Robert Dekanski.

Show Notes:

  • How did Matt O’Neill get involved in real estate
  • Ricoh sales training solidified Matt’s selling skills
  • Rob Dekanski is a real estate agent that has done over 1,100 transactions in a year, totaling over $350 million
  • Matt shares lead tips that he learned from Rob Dekanski
  • Successful agents learn from each other
  • Add value to the home before showing it
  • What are some effective questions to ask to clients after appointments
  • Matt’s firm pays ISA’s $200 per client
  • How does Matt text prospective sellers and buyers

3 Key Points:

  1. The average real estate agent in the United States does six transactions a year.
  2. When converting buyer leads ask: “What questions did you have about the address?” and “When is a good time to preview?”
  3. All the agents that grow the fastest, listen to what each other are doing, and then copy.

Resources Mentioned: