Show Notes

Ken Joslin spent half of the last 25 years in full-time vocational ministry pastoring and planting churches. He then spent the other half of those years as a top-performing mortgage broker – that was until the real estate bubble burst in 2008. At that point, he became a wholesale broker before returning back to the real estate side in 2016. Today, in addition to building a real estate team in Birmingham, Alabama and the Atlanta area, he also is engaged in coaching and consulting and leads a high-end mastermind with seven and eight-figure earners. Ken is passionate about helping build up leadership development skills in others.

Join Ken Joslin and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ Why you should not look at your clients as a transaction, but as a relationship.

∙ The importance of continuing through grow through books, courses, and peers. 

∙ How being a successful real estate agent brings freedom and confidence.

∙ How cash flow and relationships will help bring more opportunities during a recession.


💬 “I love the real estate side. But really on the real estate side for me, I love helping guys who have never made six figures before coming into real estate and crack that six-figure mark for the first time.” – Ken Joslin

💬 “You’ve got to be teachable … We're not only open to feedback, though, we actively pursue feedback. We're constantly going after feedback. How can we get better? What can I do?” – Ken Joslin

💬 “I think you can change your energy. You can. There's a lot about you can change. And it's a direct result from the people you spend time with.” - Ken Joslin

💬 “I don't care how many commas you have in your bank account, or how many zeros. When you lay your head down on your pillow at nighttime, when you've helped other people live their best life and achieve things that they never thought they could do – that fulfillment – you can't put a price tag on.” – Ken Joslin


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