Show Notes

Brad van de Walle used to run the number one REMAX office in the world. Today his personal company is selling over a billion dollars of real estate!

In this episode of the HyperFast Agent Podcast, Brad van de Walle  joins host Dan Lesniak to discuss how Brad renovated his company in a declining market to expand their revenue. Brad will give his best advice for real estate investors to maximize their growth.

Join Dan and Brad as they discuss:

  • How to renovate your real estate strategy so you always win – even in a declining market!
  • The early mistakes that Brad made early in his career... and the mindset that led him to success.
  • Brad’s secrets to the next steps in real estate evolution (Hint: It focuses on staying a step ahead of your competition… and your colleagues too!)
  • And much more!

Don’t miss this opportunity to get “in the room” with two experienced investors talking shop!


“I can barely control my own environment. So you just have to stay as positive as you can because when the market changes, you’re going to get down. But just listen to audiobooks, do whatever you got to do to stay above water and keep a good mental focus” – Brad van de Walle

“The next step in the evolution is you got to get good at finding the sellers before they’re actually getting their home on the market.” – Brad van de Walle

“You’re going to be a lot more successful if you actually focus on the things that you can affect.” – Brad van de Walle


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