Show Notes

Several years ago, Casanova Brooks lost his mother, his job, and his home in the span of two weeks. He found himself in Omaha, Nebraska, where he had no roots and no connections. 😨

Casanova went all-in as an OSA. In the next nine months he closed 46 deals for $8 million in sales volume. 🤯  Today, Casanova owns multiple businesses, including DreamNation Media. He also invests in real estate, setting himself up for even greater success in the years to come.

Join HyperFast Agent Podcast host Dan Lesniak in this discussion with Casanova about:

  • The 90-minute Open House strategy that kickstarted Casanova’s amazing rookie year in real estate
  • How Casanova rebuilt from scratch by entering real estate after losing his mother, his job, and his home in 2 weeks
  • How Casanova’s wife convinced him not to take a W2 job that felt “safe” (They still joke about this)
  • How to escape the “Hamster wheel” mentality of constantly needing to chase deals
  • The dangerous mistake that limits some agents’ growth (ESPECIALLY experienced, established agents)

And much more! Get ready to hear some great advice – not JUST about doing more deals, but also creating lasting relationships, discovering new opportunities, and building wealth through real estate.

Casanova’s story is full of ingenious real estate strategy, entrepreneurship, steep challenges, and well-deserved success. This episode of the HyperFast Agent Podcast will leave you fired up, inspired, and seeing your real estate business’s potential in a whole new light!


  • You never lose, you never fail, you just learn lessons. And those lessons create the stories that you can give back to the next person... in hopes that they do something you didn't, or avoid the mistakes that you made. – @Casanova_Brooks
  • There's nothing wrong with buying and selling houses. But have you created a plan so that if you want to, 10 years from now... you could walk away? – @Casanova_Brooks
  • Real estate agents don't have a problem with lead generation. There's leads all around us. Every single day we find a potential lead. What we have a problem with is understanding the information and also the strategy on how we convert those leads. – @Casanova_Brooks
  • Here’s something I've always had to tell myself: Even if I'm afraid, I have to do it afraid. – @Casanova_Brooks