Show Notes

Amanda Siftar is an agent based in Tampa and has been in real estate for over 17 years. She sells 50 to 60 homes a year with just her and some administrative support and a showing assistant, In 2022, her sales volume is up by more than $10 million from 2021. As a mother, she sometimes has had to take her kids with her on showings, while also working around the clock to be available for her clients. After 17 years with a premier luxury real estate brokerage in Tampa, she recently made the move to eXp Realty. With the savings she is realizing by not having to pay costly brokerage fees, she is reinvesting into her team and her direct marketing efforts in order to elevate her business. 

Join Amanda Siftar and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ What an agent with 17+ years experience can teach us about how to adapt to a shifting market

∙ Ways you can get creative to stand out in a more competitive market 

∙ How agents who are parents can balance the responsibilities of their family and their business 

∙ The benefits agents get when they  over to eXp realty and how they can reinvest in their business


💬 “I started my career in developer services, which is condominiums. And that was during the whole boom.” - Amanda Siftar

💬 “I've been now doing it for 17 years, and in that time I managed a family … now top 1% in Florida, 1% in Tampa, and in the nation” - Amanda Siftar

💬 “For the move up buyers that kind of feel a little stuck, an interim solution could be to rent out their current home.” - Amanda Siftar

💬 “I do find that people at a higher level or higher price points tend to like to work with people that really understand the area.” - Amanda Siftar

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