Show Notes

In this episode of the HyperFast Agent podcast, host Dan Lesniak shows us how he recruited over 100 agents to eXp Realty in 6 months. He talked to the top 25 agents in his previous realty group to get their insight. This was also the first step at recruiting them over once he fully decided to make the move. At that point, he also talked about it relentlessly on social media. He continued to prospect by calling other agents in the markets where he does business. He also continues to add value to those recruits by providing training and access to all the coaching sessions that he and his wife Keri Shull do through the HyperFast Agent coaching programs. For more on this, watch or listen to the full episode and then apply these lessons of building momentum so you can add value to others and add existing revenue streams for your business. 

Join GUEST Host Dan Lesniak as he discusses…

∙ How he added agents to his group and also helped some of those agents build their own groups. 

∙ Why eXp Realty provides opportunities for himself and the other agents he recruits.

∙ Why it’s not just enough to recruit agents, but also to add value to them to help them scale.

∙ The power of using social media to build awareness and recruit others to your team. 


💬 “Just like they they tell real estate agents to not be a secret agent when it comes to you know getting business buyer and seller business you have to treat recruiting the same way.” - Dan Lesniak

💬 “I never take my eye off prospecting.” - Dan Lesniak

💬 “We wanted to use this platform to help other agents take advantage of this tremendous opportunity.” - Dan Lesniak

💬 “That helped kind of kick off my recruiting before I made the big announcement.” - Dan Lesniak

If you are ready to join eXp realty and would like Dan Lesniak to personally sponsor you so you have access to two nationally recognized coaching programs text 703-638-4393.