Show Notes

Jeff Lerner was half a million dollars in debt, and his marriage was falling apart. Today, he’s a multimillionaire and an influencer with a rapidly-growing following. Today he’s using his hard-won following and hard-won knowledge to lead a conversation about why our old education model needs disruption. 💥

Join Dan and Jeff Lerner as they discuss:

  • The 6 basic business models for online businesses
  • Jeff’s mission to serve adults (and eventually children) better than they’ve been served by our educational system 🎓
  • Jeff’s prediction for what will happen when mortgage forbearance ends
  • How Jeff built a fast-growing following (Before he even had anything to sell that audience)
  • The only 5 things Jeff ever does… and why he says no to everything else

And much more!


💬 “Eventually good, smart work breaks through.” – Jeff Lerner

💬 “Being free and independent has always been a lot more exciting to me than being rich.” – Jeff Lerner

💬 “Just creating the life I have now, it’s been hard. And that’s why I love it so much.” – Jeff Lerner


The Millionaire Shortcut