Show Notes

Peter Torkan has sold over $1.5B in real estate during his career, with at least $50M of that business generated via Instagram. He and his wife Paige have now brought luxury real estate brand The Agency to Toronto with explosive success!

Join Peter Torkan and host Dan Lesniak as they discuss the inception of their team, their social media marketing success – and how they’ve rapidly grown a talented team. Listen in as Dan and Peter talk shop about…

∙ How some of Peter and Paige’s agents generate all of their business from referrals and social media

∙ The one social media platform that Peter has used to get over $50M in transactions

∙ The $4M listing call that Peter got via TikTok

∙ Clubhouse: Is it worth the time to build a following there?

Make sure to listen all the way to the end – don’t miss Peter’s best advice for new agents, or his best advice for experienced agents!


💬 “There will be people that thrive in every economy, every situation.” – Peter Torkan

💬 “When the audience comes to you and engages with you, you need to engage back.” – Peter Torkan on getting real business traction with social media

💬 “You’re not a real estate agent, you’re a lead generation business.” – Peter Torkan’s advice for new agents


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