Show Notes

Tatiana Londono has 1.4 million TikTok followers, she’s starred on a popular HGTV series, she’s authored a book and coached real estate agents. In this episode, Tatiana’s giving you her sharpest insights for getting off the treadmill of endlessly chasing deals… and growing a real estate business that performs like a real business. 

Join Tatiana Londono and host Dan Lesniak as they discuss:

• How Tatiana escaped the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle

• Why less-skilled and less-driven agents get weeded out by a hot market 🔥

• Why it’s a bad move to use the same strategy on both Instagram and TikTok

And more!




💬 “Before, we were pushy salesmen. Now we’re glamorous…” – Tatiana Londono

💬 “The biggest lesson I learned was: You need to structure your business.” – Tatiana Londono

💬 “If you’re not taking advantage of your social media, then you are leaving money on the table.” – Tatiana Londono

💬 “The thing about a coach is: the coach will make sure you get your shit done.” – Tatiana Londono




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