Show Notes

You won’t want to miss this exclusive footage from the year’s premier real estate event, our annual Growth Summit! This episode features a panel of top-producing Florida real estate agents, including social media guru Mari Juliette, savvy realtor, and army veteran Nicole Stabra, and luxury real estate specialist Jimmy Branham. Listen to discover tips on scaling a successful real estate business, hiring the right people, and acquiring organic leads to build a sphere of influence.

Join Mari Juliette, Nicole Stanbra, Jimmy Branham as they discuss…

∙  How gift giving, collaborating with other agents, and finding a mentor can transform your business

∙  How to go about strategically pricing homes in today’s market

∙  Tips on hiring the right team of people to support your business

...and much more!


💬 “Slow to hire, fast to fire.” — Nicole Stanbra

💬 “Separate your own…emotions and feelings about the deal from the deal itself.” — Mari Juliette

💬 “It starts with understanding what your brand is and then creating your culture from that.” — Nicole Stanbra


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