Show Notes

During this episode The HyperFast Agent Podcast, you get to hear a recording of the presentation that Dan Stewart, Chief Enchantment Officer at Happy Grasshopper, gave at the Xplode Conference about the importance of developing relationships through engaging communication with the people in your database.

Episode Highlights:

  •        The fears of the real estate industry
  •        What will it take for realtors to survive in the market five years from now?    
  •        Happiness and communication are key to a fulfilling life
  •        If we are constantly selling we aren’t building an engaging relationship
  •        Dan Stewart defines database nurturing
  •        What are the three keys to owning your database?
  •        We have to prove that we matter and we deserve to exist in the industry
  •        The average conversion rate is  2-10 transactions for every 100 people in your database per year
  •        Companies are responsible for getting leads, closing sales, and “wowing” clients
  •        The people in your database either know you or don’t know you
  •        Emotion produces behavior  
  •        You will attract more people by being yourself
  •        85.5 million leads are generated for real estate online and only 5.5 million transactions
  •        What new offerings are Happy Grasshopper offering?  

3 Key Points:

  1.    Five percent of the people buy the minute they click on and seventy-five percent buy a year or more from now.
  2.    You have to have a message and mechanics to have effective and nurturing communication.
  3.    The three components you need to master to own your database are organization, automation, and content creation.

Resources Mentioned: