Show Notes

During today’s episode of the HyperFast Agent Podcast, host Dan Lesniak speaks with Chris Clark, an agent and real estate investor. Chris shares three ways you can get more investor business. Listen to hear tips that will help you stand out above the competition. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • Chris Clark shares how COVID-19 has affected his investment activity.
  • The first two - four weeks people were very unsettled and unsure about how the pandemic would affect the market.
  • Confidence rebuilt after the first four weeks and lenders re-entered the market. 
  • Chris listed two properties in the last four weeks and will list the third tomorrow.
  • The real estate market in the DMV is very hot right now.
  • Agents are seeing multiple offers on properties.
  • Hard money was hard to get when investors saw the stock market go down.
  • Multiple lenders Chris likes to use took a five-week pause.
  • One of the big ways to meet investors is to go to meetups.
  • If you go to one meetup per week, you can meet ten new investors at each one.
  • These meetups are usually free. Some charge a nominal fee.
  • You're going to learn the basics at these meetups. You'll be able to have an intelligent conversation with investors.
  • Going to meetups will help you become more educated about the basic terms and processes involved in real estate investing.
  • If you're plugged in with your market talk to other agents and see if they have anything off-market that's distressed, that could be a good investment opportunity.
  • There are deals on the MLS if you want to take the time to go through those deals.
  • Meet with the investor, determine their criteria, figure out how to analyze it and then go find what they ask for and present it to them.
  • If you're an agent working with high-end buyers or sellers, talk to them about your work with investors and present them that opportunity. There are not many agents that provide that service so if you can, it would set you steps above anyone else.
  • Once you get in with a group, your access to investors will spread to their friends. It can multiply.
  • If you can bring a developer the deal, and some money to help finance it, you'll command loyalty.
  • Chris hopes the market stays this hot. He thinks there will be some buying opportunities. He will be looking for discounted distressed deals sometime in the fall to winter.

3 Key Points:

1.   Attend investor meetups on a regular basis. 

2.   Focus on finding deals. Ask other agents about off-market opportunities.

3.   Presenting the right people with opportunities to invest will help you stand out from other agents.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “Among real estate investors there's a ton of meetups.” – Chris Clark
  • “My two biggest and most important activities are finding deals, number one, and then raising money.” – Chris Clark
  • “I guarantee if you present an investor with an off-market opportunity, you'll have them as a client forever.” – Chris Clark
  • “Make sure you know their criteria first.” – Chris Clark
  • “Off-market deals of course are usually the best, but not always.” – Dan Lesniak

Resources Mentioned:

Chris Clark website, Instagram