Show Notes

Shannon McKinstrie is an expert in the field of social media marketing. She quickly turned her personal interest in social platforms like Facebook and MySpace into a career. She later started her own business as a social media consultant and holds workshops for professionals looking to increase engagement and strengthen their brand. 

Join Shannon McKinstrie and host Dan Lesniak as they discuss using social media in the real estate industry as well as general strategies for improving your social media presence! 

Hear what Dan and Shannon have to say on the following topics:

•  The formula for creating a successful following

•  Establishing a personal strategy that fits your goals

•  What type of content works best for real estate agents

Want to grow a following? Then listen in to learn from these professionals who have a ton of experience in marketing and social media.

Quotes to Share

💬 I tell everyone, no matter what they do, whatever their industry is, I always tell people to start local...start local, grow outwards. – Shannon McKinstrie

💬 It’s that perfect mix of personal and business because we don’t want to just know the business side of you, we want to know more. – Shannon McKinstrie

💬 If you are going to invest time in Facebook, you want to do ads, like 1,000%. – Shannon McKinstrie

💬 I see a lot of realtors doing personal branding videos...their day in the life of a really hits the fact that like, Okay, this person’s legit, they’re an expert. – Shannon McKinstrie

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