Show Notes

JT Foxx is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and a wealth & business coach.

Join JT Foxx and host Dan Lesniak as they talk about wealth building, work ethic, and how to escape the rat race of chasing deal after deal. JT made his first million at 24, his second million at 25, and his first 10 million at 28. Today he has business interests in 54 countries… But he says his first deal is still the hardest deal he ever did.

Listen to this episode, and you’ll hear…

  • Why JT only plans 1 year ahead at a time, and doesn’t bother with 5- or 10-year plans at all
  • The story of JT’s first deal – and why he still says his first deal was the most difficult
  • What it takes to hit six-figure earnings (anyone CAN do it, but not everyone does)
  • Why agents get STUCK at six-figure earnings – and how to grow beyond that rat race
  • What JT would do differently if he could go back and scale his business differently

…and much more!

Quotes to share

💬 “You’re fighting against the guy who’s broke, got no money, and knows that beating you is going to be the greatest thing that’s going to happen in his life.” – JT Foxx on why complacency is so dangerous in real estate

💬 “Losing sucks… winning goes away after five minutes, but losing, it bothers you until you win again.” – JT Foxx

💬 “If you’re good at [being a real estate agent], it gets overwhelming and busy. I mean, you’ve got 10-20 listings at the same time, then you’ve always got to get new deals to fill the pipeline. Then you’re dealing with all kinds of personalities…” – JT Foxx on why many real estate agents never become investors

Resources mentioned

🔗JT Foxx’s MillionaireFlix: