Show Notes

In real estate, relationships are everything. Managing partner of The Sky Group and award-winning realtor, Barak Sky understands the importance of fostering and capitalizing on those professional connections. Thanks to these ideals, The Sky Group has hit $200 million in sales volume in 2021!

Join Barak Sky and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ How to set and manage client expectations

∙ Creating an environment of support within your team

∙ The challenges and opportunities surrounding new construction properties

∙ Tips for scaling your business

...and much more!


💬 “Anything's possible. Don't have expectations, and just be open to rolling with the punches.” - Barak Sky’s message to clients interested in new construction properties

💬 “The market right now doesn’t care about your life.” - Barak Sky 

💬 “I want a small team with a few high-producing agents. But now that you still have a cap with that, right, you need bodies to continue to grow.” - Barak Sky on why he is growing his team

💬 “Getting comfortable and complacent with their business model. Because you have agents that you know are constantly changing and … they're gonna continue to succeed.” - Barak Sky on the biggest mistake that seasoned real estate agents make


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