Show Notes

In Episode 62 of The HyperFast Agent Podcast, host Keri Shull speaks with Tristan Ahumada, CEO of Lab Coat Agents, which operates the world’s largest real estate Facebook group. Tristan shares how he gained traction on Instagram and what agents can do to start leveraging this social media platform to grow their business now.

Episode Highlights:

  • Real estate agents should be learning about Instagram and capitalizing on that.
  • Instagram users are currently increasing their purchasing power.
  • Only 8% of real estate agents are on Instagram.
  • When you use Instagram, you have the opportunity to make a big impact on the younger generation.
  • The first reason to use a business account on Instagram is that it allows you to promote your posts.
  • Promote the posts that are already grabbing attention.
  • Agents are not good at using calls to action.
  • If you want to grow your following, always issue a call to action at the end of a story or post.
  • Your content strategy should have a mix of personal posts, sharing wins, and quotes.
  • An example of a personal post is a picture of you going out to dinner with your family.
  • An example of a win is a short client interview.
  • Quotes are very popular on Instagram.
  • With a consistent content strategy, you start to create trust.
  • When promoting posts, you are given the option to target a specific audience.
  • Boosting posts brings more engagement.
  • Try to use the same branding throughout your posts.
  • Tessabella Jelten reiterated the need to issue calls to action.
  • When Tessabella is talking to the camera, she imagines she’s talking to a younger version of herself. Always educate.
  • Asking for a comment or a DM deepens your relationship with your audience.
  • The Linktree plugin allows you to have multiple things you’re linking to.
  • Post to Instagram once a day, and remember to always include a call to action.

3 Key Points:

  1. There’s a lot of opportunity for agents on Instagram. Only 8% of agents are currently using the platform in their business.
  2. Having a business account on Instagram allows you to boost your posts, which in turn helps them to get in front of more people.
  3. When posting on Instagram, remember to include a call to action.

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