Show Notes

If you already own a home, but you need to find the cash for a down payment on your next home, there are ways to get that done.

Join Dustin Brown of HyperFast Mortgage and host Dan Lesniak as they discuss:

• How to qualify for a loan WITHOUT making the deal contingent on your current home selling
• How to use the equity in your current home to make a competitive offer on your next home
• And more!

💬 “You can borrow against the equity of your current residence. So if you got a house that's worth 400,000, you know, you owe 250 on it, you have equity that you can borrow from, and you can use what's called a bridge loan, to borrow that and use that for your down payment on your next residence.” – Dustin Brown

If you’re a move-up buyer or a buyer agent, visit! Dustin Brown will take great care of your lending needs.