Show Notes

Professional real estate investor Dave Dubeau has developed an effective process of attracting investors with his Money Partner Formula. 

In this episode of The HyperFast Agent Podcast, listen as Dave Dubeau and Host Dan Lesniak discuss…

∙ How Dave crashed and burned on his first attempts to raise capital – and how he finally broke through

∙ The 5 steps of Dave’s proven “Money Partner Formula” (Step 3 is where Dave says the fun part begins)

∙ Why you should NEVER talk business first with people you haven’t reconnected with on a personal level

…and more!


💬 “Get one successful deal under your belt first, before you go out starting to raise capital.” – 

💬 “They stop learning.” – On the biggest mistake that experienced real estate investors and professionals in every field tend to make


🔗Money Partner Formula 

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