Show Notes

Taking a company from zero to $1 million in revenue is a totally different story than taking a company from $5 million to $10 million and so on. 

Managing Partner of Lotus, Christian Mack, and Partner at Lotus Domaine, Scott Ryan have extensive combined experience in enterprise software, investor relations, and business strategies that they apply to their private equity work. Through identifying roadblocks that come with scaling a company, Christian and Scott have developed repeatable strategies to prevent revenue plateaus in businesses. 

Join Christian Mack, Scott Ryan, and Host Dan Lesniak as they discuss…

∙ The time-saving benefits of finding a professional mentor early on in your career

∙ Why founders often make better CTOs than CEOs as a company grows

∙ The scalable playbook and lifecycle stages of an enterprise software company

∙ How to make an 8-figure company exit

…and much more!


💬 “Stay humble…stay within your means.” - Christian Mack’s advice to seasoned entrepreneurs

💬 “Just as we're bringing innovation to the small business owner, we're putting innovation back in the hands of innovators.” - Scott Ryan on the mission of Lotus

💬“I think the best advice is you've got to know more about your business than everyone…because it's your money at the end of the day, so treat it as such.” - Scott Ryan

💬 “There's no magic. It's just math.” - Scott Ryan on Lotus’ secret to success


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