Show Notes

Ken Goodfellow, a real estate mogul, is known to take teams and companies to a level of business they never imagined. Featured in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times as one of the best coaches and leaders in Real Estate. Ken joins mentee, and host, Keri Shull, billion-dollar agent, and million dollar agent maker. The two talk about what it takes to take a real-estate team to the next level.

Show Notes:

  • Guest: Ken Goodfellow, Real-Estate Agent Coach
  • Why every business should be built the same
  • How an individual agent should start-out his/her business
  • Why having a vision and learning skills is important
  • If you’re considering hiring your first assistant, Ken gives some key advice on qualities to look for in your first team member
  • How to know when to hire an assistant
  • Hiring for your weaknesses is key
  • Why you should leverage an assistant to support your vision
  • Ken shares an assistant job description that he uses
  • A three-day trial is a sure way to see if your hire is a good fit
  • Key tips for a team leader – what are you trying to do and what’s your vision?
  • Spend 70% of your time on strategy and 30% on implementing
  • Profitability and how to have it
  • Why profits drop when you are scaling the business
  • Incentivize to get your team to bring in their own business
  • The most important metric in your business – Cost per transaction

3 Key Points:

  1. Starting out your real estate business should be focused on what you want to build. Without a vision, you cannot construct a roadmap.
  2. When you are maxed out in your capacity, you should consider hiring an assistant, if not before that.
  3. It is important to be strategic when planning the goals of your business. If you are not strategic, you will be aimlessly doing tactical tasks that don’t achieve your end goal.

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