Show Notes

During this episode of The HyperFast Agent Podcast from the Xplode Conference, Veronica McManus, Director of Industry Relations at REALTORS Property Resource (RPR), shares information and examples of how to utilize RPR and physical direct mail to build community, benefit clients, and provide premium value.

Episode Highlights:

  •         Veronica McManus introduces the topic of RPR
  •         Veronica shares a story about using RPR and snail mail    
  •         What are some RPR reports that you can use?
  •         Real estate is a relationship business  
  •         Veronica answers questions from the audience about how to implement RPR strategies
  •         How can you use the RPR app to track on market properties?
  •         The value adds that can be derived from RPR reports
  •         Is there a limit of how many comps you can use?
  •         How you can see all the reports that you can make in RPR
  •         You can text and share reports on social media
  •         How you can personally brand RPR

3 Key Points:

  1.    You should be touching your sphere of influence at least 12 times a year.
  2.    Take your RPR app out to your properties, and when out with your buyers.    
  3.    To get a preview of all the reports that you can create in RPR text NARRPR to 555-888.

Resources Mentioned: