Show Notes

Keri Shull, host of The HyperFast Agent Podcast, interviews Mike Bjorkman, Founder of Team Bjorkman brokered by eXp Realty, and Co-Owner of Property Management. Mike, who is running 600 doors in real estate, shares his successful process for writing offers, and valuable ways to help seal the deal. If you are listening from an area where VA loans are popular, make sure to listen at the 36:45 minute mark for a tip from Keri Shull, that Mike Bjorkman calls, “a golden nugget that is life-changing!”

Episode Highlights:

  • Keri Shull introduces Mike Bjorkman
  • Mike’s podcast gets over 4,000 downloads a month  
  • Mike talks about it being a seller’s market
  • What is Mike’s process for writing offers?  
  • The buyer wants the agent to be strong
  • Copies of credit reports and the liquidity of funds are important
  • Mike builds in a hefty per diem for the buyer
  • Sweeten the pot for the listing agent for the seller with something you know they want
  • When you are speaking to the listing agent, ask who their lender is
  • Keri Shull discusses why possession date is important to her
  • Keri shares a tip about military VA mortgage loans that Mike Bjorkman calls, “a golden nugget that is life-changing”
  • Agents need to ask the buyer to gain leverage by putting more money down if they have to

3 Key Points:

  1. 30% of buyers that lose with an agent don’t want to use that agent to write their next offer.
  2. Prep the buyer for what the market is like.
  3. Sending a non-refundable deposit to the seller within 48 hours is powerful.

Resources Mentioned: