Show Notes

During this episode, Keri Shull and Billy Gene have a conversation with attendees of the first HyperFast Agent Sales Bootcamp that took place on Friday, December 7, 2018. Gain advice on how to improve your video ads, your delegation skills, and how to balance your time for growth, from the Q&A session that Keri and Billy conducted after the seminar.

Show Notes:

  • How business people lean towards traditional advertising models
  • Find clients that are excited about your efforts instead of forcing stubborn people to believe
  • What tasks do top agents delegate
  • Should ad videos be evergreen or seasonal
  • Learn how to run Facebook ads and add tools to your toolboxes
  • Who are the top mentors of top agents
  • Put yourself in rooms where people think differently than you do
  • How can you add value
  • Which life-changing books or programs have they benefited from
  • Find the thing that you actually like, and be all in
  • How do you find the right mentor for you
  • How to monetize an event and leverage marketing for it
  • There is a difference between successful and fulfilled
  • How do you balance your time between your ambition and your responsibilities
  • How does leveraging your business affect your time and your finances
  • How do you handle doubt or small thinking coming from within your inner circle

3 Key Points:  

  1. Never sell without visual representation.
  2. 90% of real estate agents leave the industry after the first year.
  3. You have to take care of you first before you can be useful to anyone else.

Resources Mentioned: