Show Notes

In this segment of HyperFast Wealth, host Dan Lesniak speaks with Institutional Investor Codie Sanchez. Codie is the Managing Director and Partner at Entourage Effect Capital. From inspiring journalist, to major player in the cannabis industry, to where she is today, Codie has amassed the knowledge and experience to teach entrepreneurs all about how to invest successfully without worrying about all the noise from the outside!

Episode Highlights: 

  • Codie has always found ways to use commerce to enable others to grow and succeed.
  • Starting off as a journalist covering human-trafficking and drug-smuggling in Mexico opened Codie’s eyes to how unfair the world is.
  • Codie worked her way through the corporate world until she was able to enter into the cannabis industry.
  • In an attempt to help small businesses right now, Codie has found a way to help owners connect with potential buyers.
  • Staying curious about what helps fuel growth is what drives many entrepreneurs to be successful.
  • Many small business owners don’t even know that they can sell their businesses.
  • Too many people focus on people liking them instead of making sure that they are respected.
  • The world is filled with negative feedback loops that the pioneers of business will have to get comfortable with.
  • Moments that legitimized Codie’s beliefs and vision felt really good because she began to be an expert in the cannabis space.
  • The cannabis industry has cratered to the lowest valuations in a long time, which presents massive opportunities for investors.
  • Codie’s company invests in companies that do $10-20M in revenue but need more money to scale.
  • Platform plays and distressed deals are the two types of companies that Codie sees as opportunities for capitalization.
  • B2B, selling to consumers, and structured systems are the three types of businesses that Codie likes.
  • After a trip to Zion National Park, Codie began to invest in land in National Parks and rents them out for camping.
  • It’s hard to get the financing to buy land; you must have the capital to put down upfront.
  • Those looking to sell can stay on to get some cash revenue, but not to run the business.
  • Businesses that are not up for sale potentially have someone who can stay on and run the operations.
  • Codie outlines three different ways to run a business after investing in it.
  • Buying real estate has been commoditized, but buying businesses has not made it there yet.
  • Avoid the fear of missing out; focus on the great deals that you have been a part of.
  • Stepping into her own belief in herself took Codie a long time to do.
  • Start as early as possible when it comes to chasing your passion.
  • Codie’s course will give people the knowledge necessary to walk away and buy a business of their own.

3 Key Points:

  1. The first people through the wall are always going to get a little bloody. Going out into the unknown of the business world will always be rejected by those who don’t see your vision.
  2. At its lowest valuation in years, the cannabis industry is filled with opportunities to invest at a low price in a market that is only going to grow.
  3. There are multiple ways to run a business after investing in it, ranging from solely investing all the way to completely running the operations.

Tweetable Quotes:

  • “There’s a huge gap between what everyone is saying and what the reality is.” - Codie Sanchez
  • “It’s like opening the door and running through the dark black room and only when you open the next door in front of you do the lights flip on behind you and everyone else sees the door that you were running to.” - Codie Sanchez
  • “Once you get into $10M in revenue, private equity firms are all over you.” - Codie Sanchez
  • “The knowledge that I have now on how to go and scale is a game-changer.” - Codie Sanchez
  • “You can’t really hide passion, even if you try to.” - Codie Sanchez

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